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Our Company



ProEsys Srl is an innovative SME, founded in 2014 and working ever since to meet customers’ growing need to have an external benchmark capable of offering new products and services at competitive prices. In the last eight years, ProEsys became an international benchmark in IoT satellite and terrestrial communication technologies. 

ProEsys has been created with the purpose of developing, producing and selling a flexible portfolio of innovative products and services with an optimum price/performance ratio.

The company main focus is the design and manufacturing of electronic equipment with highly technical content for the terrestrial, satellite and aerospace communications market.

The company and its founder have successfully managed international high-profile projects in a wide range of fields, including railways, radars, avionics, signal processing and satellite communications, operating in accordance with ISO, MIL/STD, FAA and FCC standards, applicable in the different market segments.

Relying on the broad competence and experience of its founder and partners, ProEsys is strongly oriented towards the most recent electronic and software technologies, offering products and services always current and up-to-date. Customers can rely on a knowledge plus, given by ProEsys’ experience in civil and military avionics, as a guarantee for the quality of products and services provided.

ProEsys’ technical expertise is focused on HW/FW design, RF radio-frequency systems including microwaves, mechanical design and high-tech industrialization processes, signal processing and FPGA algorithms development.

ProEsys has its own line of IOT products based on the latest LORA and UltraWideBand technologies, designed for critical infrastructures and indoor/outdoor localization systems monitoring. In 2016 the Company has patented an innovative location system for the maritime market in order to improve the Company has patented an innovative location system for the maritime market in order to improve the safety of the procedures for ships approaching fixed or floating structures such as offshore platforms or wind towers.

Upon request ProEsys provides expert advice and support to companies operating in telecommunications, electronics and manufacturing market. ProEsys is equipped with the most recent HW/FW/RF design and simulation tools and with an internal RF laboratory for measurements up to 26 Ghz.

The Company has a quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 certified by Rina.


We are growing rapidly and with the company also the staff and projects, without ever forgetting the quality and a particular attention to the customer.

Our company is present internationally through the distribution of products but also at trade fairs and exhibitions where we regularly exhibit.

Our IoT and Industry 4.0 projects and solutions meet the highest standards for installation in industrial, private and harsh environments.

Always the most innovative technology. Our laboratories use state-of-the-art instrumentation and our programming uses the most modern methods.

Our Vision

Proesys was born from the desire to create technologically advanced products in accordance with the highest international standards. We strongly believe that the road to the future passes through knowledge, study and imagination. These three factors combined together give what is our design vision, projected towards the customer in order to provide a lasting service, a solid and reliable product, supported by our know-how and a special focus on after-sales support.
No less important, we believe that the road to the future also passes through young minds who want to get involved and create something truly innovative for the industry of the future and even for the small customer.


Our company mainly focuses on the monitoring of infrastructures (critical and non-critical) and the creation of ad hoc projects for the end customer who needs services and products with a high technological content.

  • 30 years experience in electronics and telecommunications
  • Always the latest technologies
  • Innovative systems
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Up-to-date laboratories
  • International certifications
  • Patented products
  • Fast growing company