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all the reasons to choose proesys

Proesys, in addition to offering a wide range of high level and high technology products, offers several other services for the customer.

Our laboratories, our experience and all our know-how are at the customer’s disposal to offer him the best possible experience together with our company and our products. In addition, you can take advantage of ad hoc consulting and our product support service.

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ProEsys offers its customers a consulting service based on the projects submitted to it. Thanks to the experience of its members, the consulting service is tailored to the individual project and is carried out to the highest standards.


Our state-of-the-art laboratories offer constantly updated instrumentation for prototyping, for making a wide range of measurements up to 26GHz and for being available to the customer according to the current project.

After-sales service

The customer for ProEsys is crucial. For this reason, our after-sales service is constantly active to monitor the status of the projects we carry out together with the customer and the products we offer, to constantly improve the final experience with our company.


Our company is always looking for the best results. For this reason, being in line with the highest international standards and having the quality recognition of TUV ISO 9001:2015 is essential for us. The best results are only achieved by aiming for the highest standards.