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Skylight Parking Sensor

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LoRaWAN™ Skylight Parking Sensor


SPS-1 is a LoRaWAN™ enabled parking sensor featuring triple technology to provide reliable detection of vehicle presence. It allows real time information on car park occupation, stay time and unauthorized usage. Monitoring of forbidden area occupation, simplifying parking survey and payment operations allowing reservation of parking slots using smartphone. A patented triple technolgy based on incident ambient light, active infrared and magnetic field sensors allows error free detection of vehicles even in presence of snow and heavy rain. Totally waterproof and filled with gel, it can be easily be installed allowing uninterrupted operation for five years. The integrated LoRaWAN™ technology maximizes operation distances and area coverage allowing operation with private or public LoRaWAN™ networks.

SPS-1 is a joint project of ProEsys Srl and Nabla Quadro Srl.

SPS-1 Skylight parking sensor


LoRaWAN™ Skylight Parking Sensor


  • Triple sensor technology
    – Incident ambient light
    – Active Infrared
    – Magnetic field
  • Easy installation
    – Low profile over ground
    – Long battery life
    – Completely remote programmable
  • LoRaWAN compliant: Interoperable with private and public networks.


  • Critical Infrastructure monitoring
  • Smart Cities


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