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We are committed to Excellence.
Our team and our expertise continue to grow.
Follow the change with us.

Four reasons to choose ProEsys for your next project


ProEsys provides end-to-end solutions for high demanding industrial markets.
We design and produce from hardware to firmware and software.  


Since 2015 we continue growing and gaining specialized personnel in the latest technologies.


Over 30 years of experience in electronics and telecommunications with cutting edge laboratories.


ProEsys is currently present in Europe and North America thanks to our prestigious international partners.


We deploy IoT solutions for industry 4.0 meeting customer needs in the highest-demanding markets.


Since it started operating in 2015, ProEsys achieved excellence in supplying end-to-end industrial IoT solutions.  We can offer customer-specific solutions thanks to our broadly experienced team in industrial product design.

HardWare Design 85%
Programming 80%
Electronics & Telecommunications 90%
Customizable Solutions 85%

We know in depth all aspects of the technology used in our IoT solutions. Our products and services are compliant with the highest international safety standards. Every single project is designed with the utmost attention to detail. 

Our products and services are suitable for many industrial applications such as critical infrastructure monitoring and assets and people tracking. We also range from terrestrial and satellite to aerospace communication sectors.

The key to success in the customization of our solutions is the deep knowledge of the client’s problem in the real work environment. We strongly believe that collaboration with the client can lead to excellent results and new ideas. 

Taking your business to the next level is what inspires us to work harder every day and make our services and products better.
Eugenio Sabatella (CEO)


What we do


We offer end-to-end industrial IoT solutions for critical infrastructure, assets and people monitoring and tracking. We develop devices, network infrastructure and network server software based on LoRa® technology and LoRaWAN®-compatible protocol. Our devices are equipped with real-time, bi-directional dual-mode terrestrial and satellite communication systems.


01. Electronics engineers

  • Experience/familiarity with Hardware Design and Architecture in designing embedded systems with or without microcontroller based.
  • ECAD tools familiarity in schematic capture and PCB layout, simulation and modelling. Altium experience is preferred.
  • Experience working with a wide variety of connectivity solutions with particular emphasis on wireless technologies (sub-GHZ, Wifi, BLE, etc.) and familiarity with Internet of Things (IoT) will be appreciated.
  • Open Hardware standards knowledge.
  • Ability to rapidly assimilate new technologies; evaluate technical alternatives based on experience while working with specialists to develop the most effective solution.
  • Strong technical leadership to growing teams for Hardware and Firmware development.
  • Fluent in English

02. SW/FW programmers

  • Familiarity with one or more specific IoT / embedded industry (i.e. home automation, business automation, health, asset tracking, smart utilities, etc.)
  • Willing to learn embedded or real-time operating systems, and/or driver/kernel development, IoT stack and familiarity with IoT platforms.
  • Technical background with IP-based wireless technology, public wireless networks, and IP networking.
  • Understanding of the design considerations when architecting data communications subsystems for cloud or server-hosted IoT applications.
  • Operates with general understanding of the impacts of technology choice to the software development life cycle.
  • Knowledge of messaging protocols. i.e AMQP, MQTT, COAP, SNMP and Modbus.
  • Hands-on experience with C, C++, Python, Java, C#, Python, Node JS, NO SQL, MySql, PHP, MariaDB, JAVA Script.
  • Hands-on experience with GIT, SVN, CVS and code management best practices.
  • Willing to learn working on software projects in an IoT space/domain and Firmware development.

03. other opportunities

Do you have a Bachelor’s degree in STEM, have you studied in a similar technical field or do you have an equivalent practical experience? You’re welcome on board!

We are also looking for Mechanical, Mechatronical and Computer Engineers, even with few experience, willing to challenge theirselves and bringing their knowledge to a higher level in order to develop new HW devices and Softwares for high demanding industrial and infrastructural environments

We are looking for curious, passionate and ambitious people with good technical skills in various fields of work.

You could be the next one to join ProEsys’ staff!


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Via Zoe Fontana 220/B2

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