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Cathodic Protection Sensor



Cathodic protection is one of the most effective methods for preventing corrosion on a metal surface; it is commonly used for buried and submerged metallic structures, such as ships, offshore floaters, pipelines, and tanks. Cathodic protection is an electrochemical process that ensures that the metal to be protected becomes the cathode of the electrochemical corrosion cell; corrosion occurs in the anode. In this way, it is possible to maintain the integrity of metallic structures in challenging environments.
The CP-SAT sensor is designed to accurately and efficiently monitor cathodic protection voltages and currents. If the threshold values are exceeded, the device sends early warning messages over terrestrial or satellite networks.
CP-SAT is an ultra-low consumption green power device equipped with a photovoltaic panel and supercapacitors with an optional primary battery that guarantees low maintenance costs.
It has 3DC + 1AC analog inputs, galvanically insulated from each other and from the ground, bipolar, and with SW selectable. Firmware and sensor parameters can be programmed remotely with no need for on situ interventions. In additions, an internal storage memory logs the acquired data for later retrieval and in-deep analysis. Its rugged design and construction makes it ideal for installation in harsh environments typically encountered in industrial applications.

› Unattended and long-term monitoring of the health status of the cathodic protection.

› Cooperative terrestrial and satellite communication system enabling bi-directional and real-time transmission.

› Suitable for long-range coverage of areas normally not covered by GSM, LTE, NB-IoT, and 5G.

› Easy integration with existing terrestrial network.

› In satellite communication mode, no gateway or other infrastructure is required.

› Solution based on LoRa® technologies and LoRaWAN®-compatible protocols.

› Use of ultra-efficient integrated antenna with no pointing required.

› Wireless and energy-efficient solution with photovoltaic power supply and battery life extension for multi-year battery life.

› The system ensures a high level of cybersecurity within the entire signal chain due to the encryption of messages.

› Access to collected data via a dedicated web dashboard or locally via a wireless connection.

› Possibility to set system operating parameters remotely or locally, including full firmware upgrade.


› Point-based real-time monitoring of cathodic protection status along the pipeline.

› Accurate voltage and current monitoring.

› Measurement of pipeline potential to the zinc reference,

› Detection of anodic potential vs zinc reference.

› Measurement of anode current.

› Diagnosis and measurement of residual AC on the pipe’s potential.


› Sending early warnings over LoRaWAN®-compatible satellite or terrestrial networks for anomalies or excesses vs safety thresholds.

› Bi-directional transmission. All our IoT devices integrate the technology to transmit and receive both in the satellite (S-band) and terrestrial networks (in the ISM, EU868, US915, and AU923 bands).


› Photovoltaic-powered and battery life extender for multi-year life.

› Waterproof device supplied in IP67 enclosures for outdoors installations.

› Easy installation. Sensor can be pole-mounted and is equipped with multi-pole cables connected to the field inputs.


› Optional input modules for additional external digital or analog sensors such residual AC components of a selected DC input.

› On-board calculation and storage memory capabilities to log event and vibration waveforms for later retrieval and in-deep analysis.

CP-SAT sensors are designed for the following applications:

› Monitoring of submerged or buried metal structures.

› Cathodic protection of ships, offshore floaters, pipelines, and tanks.

› Ideal for the following verticals: Oil&Gas, Water, Energy Transport and Distributions.

To find out all the technical specifications, download the datasheet here:

* Specifications subject to changes without notice