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Inclination & Vibration Sensor



The IVMS-SAT sensor monitors infrastructure integrity by accurately detecting the inclination and/or vibration of any kind of structure such as valuable power lines, cellular or broadcast towers, bridges, railway sites, and landslides slopes. A new green device completely waterproof, it will last years on energy generated by the integrated photovoltaic panel with supercapacitors and, if necessary, on an optional internal primary battery. The sensor can be pole mounted or attached to any kind of structure. A very low-power inertial sensor and a high-accuracy inclinometer measure static position in real-time, detecting any orientation change, movement, and vibration.

Inclination & Vibration Monitoring Sensor

› Unattended and long-term monitoring of verticality, vibration, intentional tampering, and earth movements by anticipating landslides.

› Cooperative terrestrial and satellite communication system enabling bi-directional and real-time transmission.

› In satellite communication mode, no gateway or other infrastructure is required.

› Solution based on LoRa® technologies and LoRaWAN®-compatible protocols.

› Easy integration with existing terrestrial network.

› Suitable for long-range coverage of areas normally not covered by GSM, LTE, NB-IoT, and 5G.

› Use of ultra-efficient integrated antenna with no pointing required.

› Wireless and energy-efficient solution with photovoltaic power supply and battery life extension.

› The system ensures a high level of cybersecurity within the entire signal chain due to the encryption of messages.

› Access to collected data via a dedicated web dashboard or locally via a wireless connection.

› Possibility to set system operating parameters remotely or locally, including full firmware upgrade.


› Real-time monitoring of inclination and vibration of any kind of vertical structure, and prompt detection of small earth movements.

› Diagnostics of excessive stress on the structure due to physical attack, sabotage, or weather conditions.

› Discrimination of periodic oscillations of the structures from intentional tampering with mechanical instruments through spectral analysis.

› Low-power inertial sensor and high-precision inclinometer to measure static position in real-time.


› Sending early warnings over LoRaWAN®-compatible satellite or terrestrial networks for anomalies or exceeding safety thresholds.

› Bi-directional transmission. All our IoT devices integrate the technology to transmit and receive both in the S-band satellite network and terrestrial in the ISM, EU868, US915, and AU923 bands.


› Photovoltaic-powered and battery life extender for multi-year life.

› Waterproof device supplied in IP67 enclosures for outdoors installations.

› Easy installation. Sensors can be pole mounted or attached to any kind of structure with flanges or brackets.


› Optional input modules for additional external digital or analog sensors such as wind, temperature, and humidity.

› On-board calculation and storage memory capabilities to log event and vibration waveforms for later retrieval and in-deep analysis.

IVMS-SAT sensors are designed for the following applications:

› Critical infrastructure monitoring.

› Power lines, cellular or broadcast towers.

› Bridges and road infrastructure.

› Railways and rail transport.

› Landslides and ground subsidence phenomena.

To find out all the technical specifications, download the datasheet here:

* Specifications subject to changes without notice


Railway track monitoring
Railway track monitoring