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LoRa Network Server



The LNS-2 is a LoRaWAN®-compatible Network Server. Thanks to a software suite and high-powered computers used as a central repository for data and software, it ensures interoperability between the gateways and end-nodes of a LoRaWAN®-compatible IoT sensor network. The role of the Network Server (NS) is to provide users with a set of services and access to network resources. These features include:

  • Permissioned access and log-ins for network users.
  • Centralized location for network resources.
  • Shared access to IoT devices on the network.
  • Simplified configuration, management, encryption, storage and export of data to customer applications.
  • Maintenance functions such as multi-level logging, configuration and remote gateway diagnostics.
  • Map-based representation of network elements, including mobile nodes.

LoRa® Network Server

› Solution based on LoRaWAN®-compatible protocols. Interoperable with own gateways and LoRaWAN® compatible end-nodes.

› Its modular design enables scalable and portable embedded architectures to nationwide redundant servers capable of handling thousands of gateways and IoT LoRaWAN® compatible end-nodes.

› Simplified user interface enabling easy web configuration and network management.

› Map-based representation of information, including fixed and mobile IoT end-nodes and supplementary network elements.

› Basic and advanced maintenance functions. Multi-level logging, configuration and remote gateway diagnostics.

› Integration with other applications via REST APIs.


Real-time network monitoring.

Base Station and gateway management.

Device handling (configuration, timeouts and alerts).

Security and reliability (user identification, message encryption).


Integration with other applications via REST APIs.

› Supports various protocols and data formats.

Real-time management of events, alerts and notifications.

› Integrated or external Join Servers for secure device activation and Key storage & management.

› Sending early warnings over LoRaWAN®-compatible satellite or terrestrial networks for anomalies or exceeding safety thresholds.

Bi-directional communication to and from multi-band IoT devices. Network server facilitates transmission and reception in both the S-band satellite network and terrestrial network in the ISM, EU868, US915, and AU923 bands.

LNS-2 Network Servers are designed for the following applications:

› Critical infrastructure early warning and monitoring.

› Oil, gas, and water metallic pipelines.

› Energy, Telecommunications and Broadcast towers and pylons.

› Smart city and smart agriculture IoT monitoring networks.

› Transportation management and smart road safety monitoring.

Supported protocol LoRaWAN® 1.0.4  on EU868/US915
Data exchange protocol TCP/UDP over SSL or VPN
OS Linux Server GNU
Data encryption AES 128

* Specifications subject to changes without notice