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Cathodic protection is a method that uses a low electric current to prevent the corrosion of metal structures. It is used in various industries to protect pipes, tanks, steel poles, and offshore oil platforms.

A proper monitoring system must:

  • Be easy to install, with low maintenance and low energy consumption
  • Be able to provide continuous, reliable, real-time monitoring of the status of cathodic protection
  • Be capable of withstanding harsh outdoor weather conditions


TEN Proven reasons for choosing our solution

The solution enables long-term unmanned monitoring of cathodic protection to prevent corrosion on submerged and underground metallic structures.

The solution is equipped with a cooperating terrestrial-satellite communication system enabling the integration of existing terrestrial LoRa monitoring systems with the satellite communication mode.

In the satellite communication mode of our system, no additional gateway or other infrastructure is required. The devices communicate directly and independently with the satellite.

The solution is entirely based on LoRa technology and adopts LoRaWAN compatible protocols. This feature enables easy integration with other existing LoRa systems.

It is an outstanding solution for long-range coverage of areas typically not covered by other communication systems such as GSM, LTE, NB-IoT or 5G.

Our IoT devices are equipped with an ultra-efficient integrated spherical antenna that requires no pointing, simplifying installation and mitigating the risk of connection loss.

All devices are wireless and energy-efficient. They are powered directly with high-performance photovoltaic panels or as a battery life extension.

All devices are enabled for bi-directional communication, allowing system operating parameters to be set and SW/FW to be updated both remotely and locally.

The system ensures a high level of cybersecurity within the entire signal chain due to the encryption of messages.

The data collected by the sensors can be acquired locally via a wireless connection or conveyed to the cloud and accessible from a dedicated web dashboard.

How dual-mode communication works?

Discover the power of combining terrestrial and satellite IoT monitoring

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