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LOC Product Line

LoRaWAN™/GNSS/Biosensor Wearable Tracker


WearLOC-2 is a wearable device for tracking people in outdoor locations where there is no coverage of other mobile or radio communication systems. It is ideally suited to improve safety and security of people, workers and to protect access to sensitive areas.
Its unique combination of sensors allows high precision positioning using GNSS and monitoring people Bio-Activities while outdoor. It has a ManDown sensor, Temperature and Atmospheric pressure monitoring and a Compass. Tracking data is transmitted in real time using LoRaWAN™ low power long range radio (up to 15Km from gateway). A very low power accelerometer detects motion and triggers tracking and transmission. It can be connected to long-range public or private LoRaWAN networks, including ProEsys gateways and Network Server. WearLoc-2 is also equipped with Bluetooth to interface it with mobile or PCs devices.
Completely waterproof, WearLOC-2 can be recharged by using a simple micro-USB cable.
WearLOC-2 can be supplied with wrist strap, hanging clip or magnetic holder to fix on metallic surfaces.


LoRaWAN™/GNSS/Biosensor Wearable Tracker


  • State of the Art sensor integration:
    · GNSS for outdoor location
    · Bio-Sensor and ManDown detection
    · Accelerometer
    · Compass
    · Information display
    · LoRaWAN™ for long range data transmission
    · Micro-USB charging
    · Totally sealed, waterproof operation.
  • Easy installation: Wrist strap, hanging clip or magnetic holder.
  • Operation: Outdoor location requires LoRaWAN Gateway access.


  • Critical Infrastructure Monitoring
  • People Tracking and Monitoring
  • Restricted Area monitoring
  • Security and Safety of workers
  • Smart Cities


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